About Us

We are a custom software development company that utilizes the latest technologies in virtual and augmented reality. Our mission is to disrupt and reshape traditional interpretations of immersive education. From realistic simulations to prepare professionals to improve the world to stimulating lessons in the classroom to inspire students to take on the world, we work to create meaningful, sustainable experiences for everyone.


Tommy Researches VR

2015 - 2017

While at Michigan State University's College of Arts and Letters, Tommy Truong researched the viability of using VR as a tool for formal education using the Oculus DK1.


Tommy and Jim Meet

March 2017

Following an MSU Today article on Tommy's presentation about VR accessibility, Jim Curran reached out to Tommy about a project to recreate the Detroit Tigers Stadium in VR. This would become the first project for, and inception of, Great Lakes Reality Labs.

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Our First Office

June 2017

After working out of borrowed spaces, we finally acquired our own office at the East Lansing Technological Innovation Center.


Already Time to Move

August 2017

Grown to a team of six, a 10ft by 20ft space no longer cut it for VR development. Luckily, we were able find an new home close to the Michigan State Capitol in an old warehouse that used to belong to the United States Department of Defense used to build wings for Boeing B-52's. So much history!


Library Groundbreaking

January 2018

With several projects under our belt, we decided that the best method to get these training modules to students and teachers is to organize them into a single, accessible library. In collaboration with the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA), this decision became the start of the Virtual Reality Learning Initiative (VIRLI).


Office Numero Tres

August 2019

Old warehouse quaintness unfortunately still comes with warehouse issues. To comfortably accommodate our team of ten, it was time to move once again. Our latest home is at The Hive by Lansing Housing.