Identify. Investigate. Immerse.

Great Lakes Reality Labs seeks to take education to the next level with the latest in virtual and augmented reality.

Who are we?

Who is Great Lakes Reality Labs?

We are a custom software development company that utilizes the latest technologies in virtual and augmented reality. Our mission is to disrupt and reshape traditional interpretations of immersive education. From realistic simulations to prepare professionals to improve the world to stimulating lessons in the classroom to inspire students to take on the world, we work to create meaningful, sustainable experiences for everyone.

We are located in the Heart of Michigan, down the street from one of the top universities in the nation, and surrounded by a growing scene of arts and culture. Our team of passionate artists, developers, and storytellers, are inspired every day to help you produce lessons to improve your team.

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Our Philosophy

Education does not have a start nor an end. We believe that all education is an on-going process of understanding experiences. With the right guidance, everyone has the capacity to learn anything.

From years of experience in instructional design, educational technology, and more, our team has developed a three step philosophy that applies to all forms of immersive learning.

Identification is the starting block for all methods of education. This is the point in every student's journey where one or more objectives have been chosen to guide their journey.

Investigation encompasses traditional learning methods and applications of common non-immersive multimedia--textbooks, photography, video, etc. This step is when the student dives into the identified topics to learn as much as they can as a secondary source. Immersive technology is not meant to replace traditional education, but to enhance it.

Immersion is the most exciting experience. It is also the most natural. For centuries, people have learned about their world through hands-on work and experimenting first-hand to confirm or challenge their existing knowledge. With virtual and augmented reality, this step in education has become more extravagant and sustainable then ever before.

Ready to get started?

Whether you want to start a whole new venture or add something special to an existing project, we have a lot to offer your organization. Contact us through the information below and let's take the next step!